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Measuring What Matters in Startups

This workshop will focus on covering all the core metrics for startups and how to calculate them. The goal of the workshop is to come away with a strong understanding of the metric definitions and how they all work together. Join Colin Gardiner, Founding Partner at Yonder Ventures, for Measuring What Matters in Startups!

The Octalysis Framework: Create Gamified Engagement and Retention for Everything

This will be an in-depth workshop on how to use the 8 Core Drives of the Octalysis Framework to increase motivation and behavior in any environment. Whether it's getting users to keep coming back to the app, employees to work more innovatively with less churn, or getting customers to buy more reliably, by applying a […]

See the AI String

The AI Revolution is here; will you play chess or checkers? Let's gear up our AI X-ray vision to see AI features before everyone else. Join Gant LaBorde, CIO at Infinite Red, for See the AI String!

Architecting a Marketplace

The presentation will cover the basics of building a marketplace startup from the ground up, covering key concepts and metrics. The presentation will also tie in Colin's background as a a long-time operator working as an early employee at Outdoorsy, Roamly,, Ancestry, and JustAnswer. Join Colin Gardiner, Founding Partner at Yonder Ventures, for Architecting […]

Lessons From All Sides of the Table: The Art of Sustainable Growth in Leadership and Innovation

Dive into the heart of transformative leadership with Autumn Manning, a seasoned entrepreneur and strategist, as she unveils the essence of 'Growth the Faana Way'—a journey of resilience, culture, and community-driven success. Explore the tenets of foundational growth and learn to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with strength, from the inside out, in an AI-augmented world. […]

Startup Founder Panel

Join us for a panel showcasing some of Louisiana's best and brightest startup founders for a live panel discussion!

Why AI?

We've heard of AI for a long time, but recently it's become a buzz. What's changed that makes AI so special, and how can you utilize this to make a difference in your own business? Join Gant LaBorde, CIO at Infinite Red, for Why AI?

Actionable Gamification: Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards

A high level overview of the Octalysis Framework for Gamification and Behavioral Design. We will explore the 8 Core Drives and how to balance Intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation, as well long-term and short-term Core Drives. Join Yu-Kai Chou, Founding Partner at Octalysis Group, for Actionable Gamification: Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards!

Tech Tank Pitch Competition

Join us for a live shark tank style pitch competition showcasing South Louisiana’s most innovative emerging tech startups!

Networking Happy Hour

Join us for open networking with other attendees, the speakers, panelists, and pitchers as we close out Innovate South 2024!